Thrashing in your town

by GxFxTx



released October 18, 2010

on this record:


Tomek - 6 string, backing vox
G.- voice
Marčius - 4 string, vox
Stefan - drums, backing vox



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GxFxTx Lithuania

“GxFxTx” (aka Good Fucking Time) - young trash punk band. Created in April 2009. They play kinda angry trash punk and fast hardcore with lyrics about daily life and skateboarding. In June 2009 they released the first EP “First Try”. In the end of 2009 they recorded 6 new songs for 7” split with Criplled Fox. In 2010 they are back with 8 thrashing songs in 10 minutes. ... more

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Track Name: Eat Sleep Skate
Eat - Sleep - Skate
Track Name: Beer, Vodka, Weed
BVW (Beer, Vodka & Weed) / Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall / Don’t take much to drink them all / Five ounces of weed in my pocket / Just smoke it all and get ready to rock it / Just give me my beer, vodka and weed / Getting fucked up – that’s all that I need / Never too much – it’s all for the jive / Call it what you want – that’s true meaning of life / I got beer – come drink with me! / You got weed – come smoke with me! / They got vodka – they’ll share it with you / Getting wasted – the only thing to do! / Don’t sit around – it’s time to slam! / Stage dive, surf the crowd, feel fine – goddam! / Go pogo like mad, come on, mosh it out! / No-one will tell ya: - “too drunk, get out!” /
Track Name: Barovicka Army
BAROVICKA ARMY / Now this one happened in Slovakia / My very first visit there / I took one sip, it blew my head off / I found the best drink in the world!! / Take a bite of lemon / Chase it down with Kofola / It ain't your rum / and fuckin' Coca-Cola / No headaches in the morning, no hangover / I can drink it for days, over and over / The Slovakian drink is the only and one / Hey, Barovicka, here I come! / Barovicka Army - we want you now! / Barovicka Army - join us now!
Track Name: You'll Never Die
YOU’LL NEVER DIE / What the fuck is sense of pride / Shut your mouth and live your live / Just be young – you’ll never die / That’s the motto to survive / Just live fast – you’ll never die / Just have fun – you’ll never die / Just don’t give a fuck – you’ll never die / They’re all dead and you’ll never die / Don’t you listen to what they say / They’re all dead anyway / Get your own and hold your ground / Don’t give a shit and just have fun / I have nothing – and I’m OK / We choose to live our life this way / And to all of you who stand in our way / You will get what you deserve
Track Name: I Just Say No
I JUST SAY NO / Finally I got it – it’s time to say no! / No more lying on the bed watching TV shows / Time is running mad, there’s a lot to do / A lot to see, learn and to go with my crew / To dumb TV shows – I just say no! / To stupid preppy hoes – I just say no! / To virtual insanity – I just say no! / To politics sluts – I just say no! / Just get out of bed and take a deep breath / Get out of your house, if you stay – it’s your death / Take a look around - there’s a lot to see / Run wild through your life – it’s the only way to be
Track Name: Just Skate
JUST SKATE / Grab the board / Just skate skate / Old or young / Just skate skate / Afther school / Just skate skate / Afther work / Just skate skate / Day or night / Just skate skate / Cold or warm / Just skate skate / Only one / Just skate skate / With your crew / Just skate skate / Everyday / Just skate skate / Everytime / Just skate skate / Drunk as fuck / Just skate skate / Broken bones / Just skate skate / Skate till the death
Track Name: A Lesson in Style
A LESSON IN STYLE / You wonder why the place is almost empty / You wonder why they’re just standing round / No mosh, no slamming, no pogo, no diving / Maybe cause your band is straight dumb! / No clever lyrics – that’s my lesson in style / No fancy solos – that’s my lesson in style / No slow jams – that’s my lesson in style / That’s GFT and fuckin don’t bite our style! / They need speed, they need anger, need noise / They need powerful music and screaming voice / Play fast or die, leave them gasping for breath / Circle pit, break your neck, full speed 'til death. / Your amps are expensive but your sound ain’t shit / Look at the crowd – you’ll never be a hit / Just stop watching what other people do / Do it simple, do it fun, and just stay true.
Track Name: Weekend Come
WEEKEND COME! / The week works are over – Friday‘s come! / We can have our fun – Friday‘s come! / We‘re packin’ our stuff – Friday‘s come! / We‘re trashin‘ tonight – in your town! / The wild time‘s not over – Saturday‘s come! / Still drunk, no hangover – Saturday‘s come! / No need to pack stuff – Saturday‘s come! / Still trashin‘ like mad – in your town! / The third day of weekend – Sunday‘s come! / Still wasted, no freakin‘ – Sunday‘s come! / The stuff is gone, don‘t care – Sunday‘s come! / We just wanna stay here – in your town! / We’re rovin’ round here and there / Trashin’ crowds and we don’t care / We’re coming to your town too / Cuz we’re some wild-ass tourin’ crew