3 way Baltic split CD

by GxFxTx

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Three baltic states bands split calles " Baltic 3 way split". Latvian band DAMAGE REPAIR and estonian band HIRNLOS.
CD released by latvian D.I.Y. label PETyx Records.

free download hotfile.com/dl/39102417/b9b191e/GFT_Damage_Repair_Hirnlos_-_Baltic_3way_split.rar.html


released July 15, 2009



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GxFxTx Lithuania

“GxFxTx” (aka Good Fucking Time) - young trash punk band. Created in April 2009. They play kinda angry trash punk and fast hardcore with lyrics about daily life and skateboarding. In June 2009 they released the first EP “First Try”. In the end of 2009 they recorded 6 new songs for 7” split with Criplled Fox. In 2010 they are back with 8 thrashing songs in 10 minutes. ... more

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Track Name: Loud&Fast
LOUD & FAST / Play it loud, play it fast / Raise your voice, shout it out / Don't be like all,just scream loud... / This is your time....
Track Name: Must Pay
MUST PAY / You want live,must pay / You want eat,must pay /You want have, must pay
You want... , must pay / Everytime, everywhere you must pay / For all what you want you must pay
/ For all what you need you must pay / Everyday you must pay
Track Name: Walk Your Talk
WALK Your TALK / You write, you sing, you preach, / What's good, what's bad is what you teach / But do you believe in things you pray? / Always walk your talk is what they say / Walk your Talk / You cry, you try, you break / Their bulshit you can no more take / But you do it day by day / Allways walk you talk is what they say
Track Name: Make a Choice
MAKE a CHOICE / Everyday you hear the same / You do it wrong, or do it right / Everyone try to help you / To get you on the righ way / It‘s time to make a choice / Make your choice / Everyday you hear the same / You do it wrong, or do it right / Everyone try to help you / To get you on the righ way / Stop wasting your life, don‘t listen to them / Just say fuck you and be yourself
Track Name: Me&My Board
ME & MY BOARD / I’m an outcast – yeah that’s who I am / Kickin the shit round and don’t give a damn / Got my first skate when I was four years old / See me on my board, hot it or cold / The only thing I love is – ME AND MY BOARD! / All I really care for is – ME AND MY BOARD! / I don’t need nothing just – ME AND MY BOARD! / And if you see me – YOU ALSO SEE MY BOARD! / See me flying through the air / If I don’t land – I don’t fuckin care / I may break all my bones – I got no fear / Skating is the only thing that’s NOW and HERE!